185 Designs Nick Zager

Nick Zager

SEM & Analytics Director


As an engineer with over 17 years experience, Nick applies the same advanced numerical and statistical modeling smarts he uses at his day job, to optimize online marketing strategies for our clients.

Through a combination of strong creative and solid strategy, our campaigns have proven effective time and again, yielding a Return on Investment (ROI) as high as $8 returned for every $1 invested. Our campaigns also typically yield higher than industry average Click Through Rates (CTR) and conversion rates, making the most every dollar our clients invest online. By gathering analytical data, Nick develops detailed reports along with probabilistic models which help our clients see what they can expect from their investment dollar per dollar. 

For those who don’t speak engineering, he provides actual data showing you where and how your investment is working and where future investments should be made. We don’t just tell you our strategies are working, we prove it. 185 Designs is also a certified Google Partner. Nice!

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Contact Info

Phone : 586.484.4217
Email : nick@185designs.com